We hope you will find these free Canadian Mortgage Calculators helpful and easy to use.

(You need to download and install Java for these to work properly, if you haven’t already)

1 Bi-Weekly Payment Calculator

Want to maximize your payments? See how much accelerated, bi-weekly payments will save you. Find out fast!

2 Mortgage Pre-Qualifier

How much do you qualify for based on your income? How much income do you need to qualify for a certain amount?

3 Interest Rate Comparison

Compare as many as three different mortgage scenarios side-by-side to see which one will save you the most!

4 Mortgage Pre-Payment Calculator

Calculate your mortgage payment. How much will you save in time and money by making a additional payments on your mortgage?

5 Mortgage Refinance Interest Savings

If you were to refinance your mortgage today, how much interest could you save?